Frequently Asked Questions
Do you accept health insurance?

LIV1 does not accept health insurance for any of our services as many of our services are not covered. You can, however, utilize FSA or HSA as a means of payment. 

3. Do I still need to keep a primary care provider?

Yes, we highly encourage you to have a primary care provider to attend to any acute care needs you may have and to review your action plan with prior to initiation. 

4. What if I am having an emergency?

If you feel you are experiencing a medical emergency, dial 9-1-1 for medical assistance and/or visit the nearest emergency department. Do not contact LIV1 first. Once you are in stable condition as determined by a medical professional, notify LIV1 of the change in your condition. 

5. If I have had recent lab work, can you accept it?

Our lab panels go beyond what typically is included in the standard labs ordered by your PCP. Several of our lab markers are selected for their high-sensitivity and the most up-to-date testing methods.